Directions for use

In this section you'll find every informations you need about all our products. 


Are Libra Nails Lab products vegan, cruelty free and scientifically tested?

No animals were involved and they absolutely never will during the production/testing of our products. We don't use any animals derivatives. Libra Nails Lab products are 100% laboratory certified and CPNP registered under the name: "Libra Nails Lab". All products are anallergic, heavy metals free, HEMA and Di - HEMA free. 

What is "Strong Base" and how does it works?

Our "Strong Base" rubber base is an extremely strong base coat that creates the perfect sinergy between your natural nails and our "Quick Builder" and/or Gel colors. You only have to apply a thin layer on your prepped natural nails then cure in LED lamp 60 sec or UV lamp 120 sec. 

What is "Quick Builder" and how does it works?

Our "Quick Builder" is an innovative builder gel in a bottle. As you can see the name means everything: Quick Builder. It's very easy to apply and selflevelling, it cures in LED lamp 60 sec or UV lamp 120 sec. "Quick Builder" must be applied over the sticky layer of our "Strong Base". We do not recommend the use of different products  than Libra Nails Lab products.

What is "Glossy Finish" and how does it works?

Our "Glossy Finish" is a non-wipe top coat with tested "non-shrinking" and "non- yellowing" formula. It cures in LED lamp 60 sec and UV lamp 120 sec. 

How to use Libra Nails Lab Gel Polish?

Our gel polish are highly pigmented and they offer perfect coverage with a low quantity of product. They must be applied over Libra Nails Lab "Strong Base" for a very natural look or over our "Quick Builder". We recommend to cure in LED lamp 90 sec or UV lamp 120 sec between each layer to avoid the formations of uncured product. 


Libra Nails Lab USA Team