About Us

Libra Nails Lab is a new brand born from the experience of a real nail artist: Giulia, owner of the Instagram page @giulisnails.

Just like many other nail techs she started her career at a young age experimenting with colors and brushes in her room. After years of basic nailarts she decided to improve her skills and attend some advanced courses about hand painted art and nail structure all the while posting her works on Instagram, her designs attracted much attention and after many requests for custom made nails she decided to start her own business of "Press On Nails". "Press Ons are perfect to test different products, to practice new and different techniques and to express my creativity" Giulia said. She started her business especially to make her art available to everyone, offering from basic sets to luxury sets with hand painted characters and real Swarovski crystals. In every set Giulia put all her effort and knowledge in order to give her customers the best quality product. She tested different products, from nail tips to different kinds of nail glue; and after years looking and struggling to find the perfect UV gel system, one day she decided she’d start her very own brand.

The name "LIBRA" comes from our zodiac sign and the need of harmony. We firmly believe it is necessary to find the right balance in what we do and in Giulia's life the passion for nails has always been the relief valve, what holds and has always kept everything precisely in balance. In the kitchen, in every relationship and so in the nails' world, each ingredient must interact with the other to create the perfect synergy. The words "NAILS LAB" refer to the magic place where every nail artist can experiment and play, test new products, paint, make mistakes. A place of confrontation between professionals and customers, where everyone can feel good thanks to a fresh manicure.

After testing hundreds of products from different factories, we finally found the right supplier and started to collaborate with them to create the perfect formula, this is how we came up with an UV Gel system where the sinergy between the base, the color and the top coat creates the perfect and long-lasting result Giulia was always looking for, in other words the dream of every professional and newbie nail tech!

After two successfull years in our domestic market, thanks to a collaboration with Nailboxy and the Red Iguana Team, we received a lot of love from the USA customers , so why not expanding in the United States?


Libra Nails Lab USA Team